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Historically supported ingredients

Historically supported ingredients So many options available so why choose Buzzed Bee CBD as your go to brand for CBD products. A few reasons come to mind when we advise people on our products. The first is love, as our entire company came from the stove top of our...

How the Heck Does This Stuff Work So Good

Recently, I’ve heard the same question from folks…”Wow! This really works. How does it work so well?”

Ingredient in the Hive

“The Entourage Effect” is how the science world has referred to the benefits of using Full Spectrum CBD. For those that don’t know, Full Spectrum CBD is a low processed crude that comes from the Hemp or Marijuana plant. It includes all the Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavonoids that are found in the plant. Buzzed Bee LLC uses Full Spectrum CBD that is derived from Hemp and there for has a very low THC level so that we can provide a high amount of CBD while maintaining less then .3% THC content to stay within legal guidelines.

Balance to the world

The CBD industry can bring balance to the worldMany of the benefits of CBD are still being discovered along with the benefits of terpenes. The current science refers to the benefits of terpenes, CBD, THC and other plant based derivatives working together as the...

Time for Growth

Spring Season A Time For GrowthThe times are changing. Just as the seasons are. Corona Virus has come and changed the world for the foreseeable future. Yet we persevere and strive forward. As Spring rolls in we see blooming new growth and opportunity for bounty. Our...

Buzzed Bee Basics

Buzzed Bee BasicsIngredient InformationFull Spectrum CBD is the raw product that is generated from the Hemp plant. As with most of our ingredients we prefer to stick to the most pure form in order to maintain the healing properties that come from that product. The...

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