How the Heck Does this Stuff Work So Good?

Recently, I’ve heard the same question from folks…”Wow! This really works. How does it work so well?” The answer is a lot simpler than you might think. Buzzed Bee uses a full spectrum CBD extract from the Cannabis Sativa plant, and CBDs are perfectly designed to interact and be processed by our bodies through our CB2 receptors. By using our topical balm, you bypass the first stage metabolic processing which increases bioavailability. The smooth texture allows for easy application, localized relief to those specific areas of pain, and steady infusion of beneficial natural ingredients over longer time periods. Buzzed Bee Balm utilizes the advantage of transdermal administration, which contrary to popular belief is absorbed better by the body than oral or inhalation methods. Keep your head clear and your body feeling and smelling amazing!

Blog by Chip Bryant

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