Historically supported ingredients

 So many options available so why choose Buzzed Bee CBD as your go to brand for CBD products. A few reasons come to mind when we advise people on our products. The first is love, as our entire company came from the stove top of our Queen Bee (Mom). Her intention creating this wonderful mixture of natural ingredients drives all our products.

The second is science. While there is still so much to learn about CBD and the benefits it holds for us, science has found that while using Full Spectrum CBD you gain multiple advantages that you won’t receive from Broad Spectrum or Isolate CBD. Full Spectrum CBD refers to a very raw unrefined source of CBD which leaves in numerous essential oils and terpenes which have proven to have exceptional benefits for the body. Together these benefits create what science has deemed “The Entourage Effect”. This effect has proven to carry over to other natural ingredients and oils. So we have made it a point to use low processed ingredients to maintain the highest amount of natural oils and benefits for you.

We start with a base of Raw Beeswax and Raw Honey. The time-tested benefits of Raw Honey and Beeswax have been used to benefit society for 1000’s of years. Raw Honey has recently been approved for use in Hospitals to fight off dangerous infections because of its high Anti-microbial properties. This helps defend your body from harmful virus and bacteria. Raw Beeswax holds these properties as well as also helping hold in moisture for the skin.

Aloe Vera is added because it soothes irritated skin issues and is well known for aiding in all areas of skin related troubles.

Arnica Montana provides nourishment for the bees but has also been used for 100’s of years to naturally aid the body. It helps heal broken blood vessels while also aiding in redness of skin. Arnica’s analgesic properties provide pain relief when topically applied. Arnica also has Anti-microbial properties to clear up infections and clean up your pores.

Comfrey has been used since 400 BC to help heal the body. Also referred to as “Bone Knit” Comfrey has properties that have been proven to aid in cellular repair and even enhance the bone matrix helping build stronger bones during recovery. Used to relieve pain, inflammation, and diaper rash along with healing bruises, bleeding, and blemishes.

The Egyptians used Shea Butter for many beauty applications. A wonderful natural agent to help with dry and dull skin. Just like the Beeswax it helps your skin retain moisture locking in that smooth texture. Known to prevent inflammation and ease conditions related to it.

Cocoa Butter was used as far back as 1000 BC. Used for its high antioxidant content which destroys free radicals and protects the skin from signs of aging and harmful environmental effects. The antioxidants help reduce scars, scratches and stretch marks. With continued applications you can see them buzz right off. Cocoa Butter is also great for keeping your lips soft and full.

Our Full Spectrum CBD comes from a farm in Oregon. All products are tested to assure the safety standards are meet and congruent with State and Federal guidelines. You can see these results posted on our website.

Low processing is again a major factor in where we source our ingredients to maintain the highest number of benefits possible. Everyone of our ingredients holds with it many more benefits for our skin and body then we have addressed here, so we encourage you to check out Buzzed Bee Basics under our Blog tab. There we have a break down of each ingredient and all the benefits we could find.