Ingredients in the Hive

Aloha again! We are so happy to have you reading here with us about the wonderful benefits of Buzzed Bee LLC products and what they can do for you. Today I am going to again focus on the importance of ingredients and how our products high quality comes from the “Entourage Effect” that comes from all our ingredients working together like Bees in a hive. 

“The Entourage Effect” is how the science world has referred to the benefits of using Full Spectrum CBD. For those that don’t know, Full Spectrum CBD is a low processed crude that comes from the Hemp or Marijuana plant. It includes all the Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavonoids that are found in the plant. Buzzed Bee LLC uses Full Spectrum CBD that is derived from Hemp and there for has a very low THC level so that we can provide a high amount of CBD while maintaining less then .3% THC content to stay within legal guidelines. The science to this point is still unclear about the full benefits of many of these additives but one thing is certain. They all work together to provide a much more enhanced effect. Science has also found that these “Entourage Effects” can extend to other plant derived ingredients. As more and more compounds in the Full Spectrum family are researched the benefits of using Full Spectrum will only increase.

Other CBD products that use Broad Spectrum (without THC) or CBD Isolate (just CBD) don’t produce the same benefits or effectiveness of Full Spectrum. Many of those products also don’t stick to a stringent use of natural ingredients to further the “Entourage Effect” but rest assured Buzzed Bee LLC will continue to take advantage and stay ahead of this trend. We believe in science and the power of nature to heal us. 

The Hemp plant is a natural balancing agent for not only our bodies but for the planet as well. The Hemp plant much like the Sunflower pulls toxins from the air and ground. Hemp has been known to infuse the soil with depleted nutrients or to pull toxins from it. This is why it is very important that you know where your CBD is coming from. The soil in which it is grown is tied to what is in your CBD. Our number one supplier to date is a family farm in Oregon that uses Eco-friendly natural Methods for farming so we are assured our product is safe from harmful toxins. We even put up tests under our Transparency of Product page to assure you that what we send you is high quality and legal.

The Hemp plant is a wonderful gift from nature that we believe is meant to heal us in numerous ways. The “Entourage Effect” paired with our ingredients takes full advantage of this wonderous plants ability to enhance what is around it. You can find our list of ingredients and their benefits on our Home Page along with the Buzzed Bee Basics Blog. When you see the benefits our ingredients have been proven to have through history you can imagine how effective they can be when enhanced. This is what we believe makes Buzzed Bee Balm the best topical CBD product on the market today and why we believe we should be the go to household topical for you and your loved ones. 

As we continue to grow our brand and provide new products to the market, such as our CBD Chapstick (coming soon) or our natural CBD Deodorant (coming later 2021), we will always be focused on enhancing our products with the “Entourage Effect”. Just like the wonderful magic that comes from nature we believe in the exceptional magic of community. That’s what the “Entourage Effect” really is, isn’t it? An extraordinary effect of a community of compounds enhancing each other to their highest abilities. Working together for a common goal of healing people and bringing balance to the body. Or like a hive of bees all doing their part to create a working system of life. 

Below is a link to a 3rd party website that will break down Full Spectrum CBD vs Broad Spectrum vs CBD Isolate. Here you can get non-bias knowledge of what the facts are regarding CBD. I appreciate you reading this blog and taking the time to listen to us. We love you all and hope to hear from you or serve you with one or all of our products. Be sure to check out Growing Veterans also by clicking the image below. They are a wonderful group that we fully support and are looking to help spread their program across the county. Lets use our own “Entourage Effect” to make it happen. 

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