The CBD industry can bring balance to the world

Many of the benefits of CBD are still being discovered along with the benefits of terpenes. The current science refers to the benefits of terpenes, CBD, THC and other plant based derivatives working together as the “entourage effect”. The synergistic ability of these plant based chemicals working together increases the effects of the whole. Much like the Hemp plant works with the soil to rebalance the nutrients and clean the pollution from the air and earth. The compounds found inside the Hemp plant do the same for our bodies. Hemp crude is what comes from the plant when it is processed. CBD and many terpenes come from this crude. CBD and terpenes hold many qualities that are proven to help with ailments and it is believed we still have yet to discover the full extent of their benefits. By using CBD as a natural alternative and pairing it with other natural alternatives we can build products that incorporate the “entourage effect” to benefit the body. Increasing the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory compounds, pain relief additives, detoxifying agents and so on. Buzzed Bee LLC incorporates these concepts in our Brand and products at every opportunity. From our Buzzed Bee Balm building an entourage of skin relief ingredients to our Raw Honey all being enhanced by Full Spectrum CBD. Full Spectrum refers to the fact that all the terpenes and compounds of the original crude are left to work together in building the “entourage effect”. Many CBD products use a highly refined version of CBD which eliminates a majority of the terpenes and synergistic qualities that build this “entourage effect”. They also incorporate non-natural additives to preserve the product or create a texture that is pleasing. We feel that is an inferior approach to elevating that which ails you. Our philosophy is why not just keep all the beneficial properties involved so that you can access as many healing qualities as possible and bring balance back to your body?

CBD is embedded in your DNA. Varying forms are produced inside your body and you have receptors for cannabinoids. CB1 receptors are located in your brain and manage movement, pain, emotion, mood, thinking, appetite, memories, and other functions. CB2 receptors are more common in the immune system and effect inflammation and pain. THC attaches to the CB1 receptors inducing the psychotropic effects while CBD induces your body to create its own cannabinoids, known as endocannabinoids.

As the CBD industry continues to grow the more hemp will need to be grown. Hemp is under valued in todays society. It is one of two known plants that can clean up nuclear waste and rebalance the soil when it is depleted of nutrients. If we were to rotate our crops with Hemp we not only would have a product we could use in over 25,000 different ways (plastic, fuel, food, fiber, textile and so on). We would also be bringing down the carbon foot print and creating a healthier soil base for our food which in turn provides more nutritious food for the people. 

At Buzzed Bee LLC we take pride in having a mission of “helping the broke and broken”. It extends in a variety of ways. From our partnerships with Growing Veterans to helping the bees stay populated. It also means we are excited to grow the CBD industry so that we grow more hemp and help heal the earth from the threat of CO2 emissions by building a soil base that can capture 40% of emissions. So as we grow we will continue to build relationships with companies and industries that enhance our mission to build stronger communities and a better planet for generations to come. Below are some links to information that supports our statements and can provide insight to our ideals.

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