Spring Season A Time For Growth

The times are changing. Just as the seasons are. Corona Virus has come and changed the world for the foreseeable future. Yet we persevere and strive forward. As Spring rolls in we see blooming new growth and opportunity for bounty. Our partnership with Growing Veterans has enlightened us to just how big of an opportunity this time can have. As we come out of the dark cold we are able to get back outside and revitalize not only the soil but our soul. Buzzed Bee is dedicated to helping nourish not only the skin and body but the mind and spirit as well. Growing Veterans has been such a great fit for us as they too help nourish bodies and souls. Their mission is to help their community of veterans who suffer from PTSD and Trauma find a path to peace through organic farming methods and homesteading teachings. They offer classes to people who would like to help learn how to mentor and help guide these hero’s toward this goal. The by product of helping these brave men and women is great produce that is shared with community food banks and local businesses. If you ever want to volunteer and learn more just click on the Growing Veterans Icon below to be directed straight to their website. 

Over the coming months we will be rolling out a new product that we are so excited to bring to you all. We have created a fantastic Buzzed Bee CBD Chapstick that has fantastic results using exactly the same ingredients as our balm but in different ratios. It will leave your lips soft and might just help with some other issues. Our test clients have had exceptional results and we know you will too. 

We will be expanding our social media presence by adding a Facebook Marketplace so bee sure to drop on by and like our page.  We will be slow rolling out promotions and looking to hear back from our hive of followers to help improve on our media presence, as well as; improve our products. We assure you that we have more in the works coming before years end as we move to build a brand that provides high quality natural alternatives for you topical purposes along with some stuff for the furry friends.