Buzzed Bee Basics

Historically supported ingredients

Historically supported ingredients So many options available so why choose Buzzed Bee CBD as your go to brand for CBD products. A few reasons come to mind when we advise people on our products. The first is love, as our entire company came from the stove top of our...

How the Heck Does This Stuff Work So Good

Recently, I’ve heard the same question from folks…”Wow! This really works. How does it work so well?”

Ingredient in the Hive

“The Entourage Effect” is how the science world has referred to the benefits of using Full Spectrum CBD. For those that don’t know, Full Spectrum CBD is a low processed crude that comes from the Hemp or Marijuana plant. It includes all the Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavonoids that are found in the plant. Buzzed Bee LLC uses Full Spectrum CBD that is derived from Hemp and there for has a very low THC level so that we can provide a high amount of CBD while maintaining less then .3% THC content to stay within legal guidelines.

Balance to the world

The CBD industry can bring balance to the worldMany of the benefits of CBD are still being discovered along with the benefits of terpenes. The current science refers to the benefits of terpenes, CBD, THC and other plant based derivatives working together as the...

Time for Growth

Spring Season A Time For GrowthThe times are changing. Just as the seasons are. Corona Virus has come and changed the world for the foreseeable future. Yet we persevere and strive forward. As Spring rolls in we see blooming new growth and opportunity for bounty. Our...

Buzzed Bee Basics

Buzzed Bee BasicsIngredient InformationFull Spectrum CBD is the raw product that is generated from the Hemp plant. As with most of our ingredients we prefer to stick to the most pure form in order to maintain the healing properties that come from that product. The...

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Ingredient Information

Why use Full Spectrum CBD?

Full Spectrum CBD is the raw product that is generated from the Hemp plant. As with most of our ingredients we prefer to stick to the most pure form in order to maintain the healing properties that come from that product. The alternatives to Full Spectrum are Isolate CBD which is a highly processed form of CBD that eliminates all the other synergistic Cannabinoids that greatly increase the effectiveness of the benefits you receive. As CBD is just coming to light we have the least knowledge of this ingredient. Our other ingredients have been time tested and queen bee approved for decades and sometimes 1000’s of years. We encourage you to look into our ingredients benefits and side effects on your own but we want to make sure you have some information here as well. 

Why use Raw Bees Wax?

aw Bees Wax is just one of the magical products our tiny yellow and black fuzzy apothecary (honey bee) friends make. Raw Bees Wax differs from the processed stuff by maintaining the ingredients that provide all the healing benefits. Such as the following.

  • The rich amounts of vitamin A, contained in yellow beeswax, have a good effect on human skin health.
  • Beeswax is an excellent rejuvenating agent
  • Beeswax can help a lot in getting rid of black spots on the facial skin and reducing acne as well
  • Beeswax can help to improve blood circulation in skin cells
  • Beeswax can help to reduce skin inflammation
  • Beeswax can help to remove toxins from the skin
  • Beeswax can act as a perfect tonic
  • Beeswax is very good for the skin health as it can help to rejuvenate and protect skin from toxins, as well as remove skin black dots and inflammation. Let’s discover with more details how beeswax can work to improve skin health and appearance naturally.

Raw Bees Wax has shown to benefit the following conditions. These are more precise explanations then previous.

  • Treat Acne
    • It is packed with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which work towards the best treatment of acne. Vitamin A found in beeswax shows to be an extra benefit for treating acne. It acts as a good skin softener and works as a softening agent to smooth out the skin texture when the acne has gone.
  • Environmental Damage
    • The natural barrier properties found in beeswax also make it ideal for protecting your skin from environmental damage, including cigarette smoke and traffic pollution. When these kinds of pollution affect the skin, they can cause damaging free radicals, which are considered to be a cause of premature skin aging.
  • Keep Your Skin Clean
    • Like honey, beeswax contains antimicrobial properties and it can help in keeping your skin clean. In a study, researchers showed that a beeswax mixture can help prevent fungi and bacteria from growing. Making beeswax ideal for psoriasis, diaper rash and eczema. It contains strong healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to reduce inflammation and itching in fungal infections. 
  • Relieve Itching
    • According to some studies, people who have serious burns and then have post-burn itch when their burns start healing used a mixture of beeswax for an instant relief. Patients were able to cut down on their prescription medicines. Instead, they can use beeswax because it is anti-allergenic, it is ideal for people who have sensitive skin.
  • Reduce Stretch Marks
    • Studies show that stretch marks turn up when you do not have enough elastic fiber and collagen. As beeswax contains plenty of vitamin A, which is important for making collagen, it can help reduce the occurring of stretch marks. Use this natural remedy twice a day. You will see notable changes soon.
  • Lock In The Skin’s Hydration
    • Beeswax not only helps to keep water out, but it also helps keep water in. By working as a protective layer on your skin’s surface, beeswax can help to lock in your skin’s hydration for supple, soft and hydrated skin.
  • Treat Eczema
    • Treat eczema naturally.
  • Give A Soft And Supple Lip
    • Chapped lips is a common problem during cold days. However, because of prolonged hours in air-conditioning, dried and chapped lips have become a year-around condition. To deal with it, you can use a beeswax balm. 
  • Heal Skin
    • The anti-inflammatory properties found in beeswax stimulate the healing of wounds, such as small cuts, burns and scrapes. Also, it is protective, helping create a barrier between the environment and the skin to prevent dirt and bacteria from entering the wounds without clogging skin pores. It has been proven to promote cell generation, which means that your skin can heal faster, reducing the risk of complications and reduce pain. Consider using beeswax products after a cut has healed may help to reduce the appearance of scarring.
  • Soften Skin
    • The protective properties found in beeswax help keep moisture and treat dryness of skin. Also, it is a humectant, which shows that it can attract water. This also helps keep your skin soft and hydrated.
  • Beard And Mustache Wax
    • Consider turning your facial hair into a natural fashion statement with beeswax mustache and beard wax. Pick up a tin of natural beeswax beard wax to give it a try.
  • Soothe Irritation
    • If you have skin problems, using beeswax can calm them down and reduce redness, thanks to its anti-inflammatory abilities. The soothing feel of beeswax can provide relief.

With so many amazing ways to help your skin naturally it was a NO BRAINER to add this to our concoction.

Why use Honey?

Much like the Bees Wax the Honey created by our favorite Apothocaries has many healing benefits. 

  • Antimicrobial properties and wound healing
    • One of the most widely recognized properties of honey is its ability to help fight against skin infections. According to one review, many in vitro studies support the idea that honey has antimicrobial properties.
    • Several countries, including the United States, have approved honey in medications for healing wounds.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
    • Honey also has anti-inflammatory properties that can aid with skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis.
    • Another review of studies supports this, finding that most honey varieties have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Anti-aging effects
    • Honey can help with improving the skin’s appearance. The authors state that it can help stop wrinkles from forming, keep the skin looking young, and prevent infections on the skin that can accelerate aging.
  • Treatment of skin cancer
    • Some evidence suggests that honey can help treat skin cancer and other cancers. A review article found several studies showing positive results of using honey on cancer cells. The studies mostly focused on honey’s ability to help slow the growth and reproduction of cancerous cells in the body.
    • Another more recent study also cites honey’s ability to help with cancer treatment. The study indicates that honey has antiproliferative, anticancer, and antimetastatic effects.
    • A person should talk to their doctor if they have, or suspect that they have, cancer. Only a doctor can diagnose the condition. They can also help create an effective treatment plan for the person. People should not try to treat skin cancer with honey alone, as it is not a reliable treatment. However, they can talk to their doctor about using this remedy alongside medical treatments.
  • A few other uses
    • part of daily washing of the face
    • help with Eczema
    • moisturizing effects
    • help with healing small cuts or abrasions
    • help skin look more youthful

As you can see the Honey Bee is an amazing provider of healing benefits which we at Buzzed Bee Balm have decided to add to our product. Since we use Raw Bees Wax and Raw Honey we end up with Propolis in our product also and we will discuss that soon. 🙂

Why use Comfrey?

Comfrey has been used medicinally since 400 BC. It has many uses beyond just topically but today we will focus on the topical uses.

  •  Moisturization
    • Poultices and ointments made from comfrey leaf oil help nourish and moisturize your skin leaving it soft and supple. Being herbal in nature, this is perfect for those whose skin is sensitive to chemicals.
  • Skin Toning
    • Comfrey herbs have astringent properties, which helps draw the cells together so that your skin appears tight and toned.
  • Removes Blemishes
    • The allantoin contained in comfrey herb helps fight unwanted dark spots and blemishes on your skin. The moisturizing properties of this plant will also help smooth out rough and damaged skin and remove dead skin cells. Applying comfrey oil or ointments regularly will leave you with flawless, blemish-free skin.
  • Cures skins diseases and conditions
    • The allantoin content in comfrey leaves and roots with their ability to repair damaged cells and produce new ones may help speed the healing of skin burns, insect bites and rashes, skin ulcers, and bed sores. It can cure various skin conditions like psoriasis, a condition where the skin becomes itchy and red and has scaly patches, and eczema, where patches of skin become rough and inflamed, causing painful blisters.
  • Controls hair loss
    • Comfrey herbs contain plant proteins and are packed with essential minerals, antioxidants, and vitamin A. Applying comfrey oil directly into your scalp.
  • Conditions hair
    • Store-bought shampoos and conditioners contain unhealthy sulfur compounds that strip your hair of all its essential oils. Comfrey, on the other hand, is a natural conditioner that can help solve dry scalp problems such as dandruff, and also conditions and nourishes the hair to make it look lustrous and shiny.
  • Detangles hair
    • Mucilage, a plant protein, contained in comfrey helps relax your hair and easily detangles knots so you don’t have to go through hours of frustration after you step out of the shower.
  • Heal bruises and bleeding
    • Comfrey leaves can be crushed, juiced, and applied as a wet paste directly on open wounds and diabetic sores. This can help stop germ build-up that may be responsible for causing infections.
    • Comfrey leaves and roots are rich in tannins, a kind of compound that has an astringent effect on blood vessels. It is the tannin that is solely responsible for making comfrey herb so effective in controlling bleeding. Therefore, applying a poultice made of comfrey root powder and leaf juice curing nosebleeds, bleeding in skin wounds, and in reducing and speeding the healing of bruises.
  • Repairing torn tendons and broken bones
    • Applying comfrey oil to torn ligaments or fractured bones when it’s not possible to place casts can help in promoting fast healing. The rosmarinic acid in comfrey aids in the regeneration of new cells and can even reconstruct torn and injured muscles.
  • Relieving pain and inflammation
  • Relieves arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Ancient Greeks and Romans turned to the comfrey leaves to heal fractures. The anti-inflammatory properties of this herb make it very effective in healing pain quickly. 
  • Diaper Rash
    • Ointments and mild poultices made using comfrey leaf extracts can help relieve babies from diaper rash. This potent, yet mild herbal potion works gently on your baby’s delicate skin. It is, however, best to first test this ointment to see how your baby’s skin reacts to it. Apply a little bit first to do a small patch test. If that part of your baby’s skin doesn’t show any signs of irritation, you can continue applying the ointment.

This long history of healing benefits still hold true today and we felt we should include them with our balm. As we grow we look to include Comfrey in our future products. 

Why use Arnica?

Arnica Montana has been used in Folk Medicine for hundreds of years. This wonderful yellow flower provides food for the honey bee, healing properties for us and works wonderful as a cover crop. It also does the following

  • Increases white blood cell count and blood flow
  • Heals bruising by healing broken blood vessels
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Soothes itching and redness, including insect bites and sunburn
  • Calms rosacea very effectively
    • The main symptoms of this facial condition include red or pink patches, visibly broken blood vessels, small red bumps, red cysts and pink or irritated eyes.
    • Arnica can help during flare-ups by increasing white blood cell activity, thereby giving the skin a fighting chance to combat the irritation. Along with increased white blood cells, arnica can calm the redness and inflammation associated with rosacea.
    • Arnica also helps with hydration, bringing much-needed moisture to the layers of skin. 
  • Naturally works as an analgesic to relieve topical pain all over the body
    • Arnica is an excellent helper for relieving sore muscles, joint stiffness and swelling, soreness due to arthritis, and general aches and pains. It calms the area and speeds healing by increasing blood circulation and stimulating white blood cells.
  • Helps reduce the appearance of age spots
  • Anti-microbial, thereby making it an excellent ally for acne-prone skin
  • Can be used on the scalp to help stimulate new hair growth
  • Precautions

Our Balm is not to be ingested! We know that many people find numerous ways to benefit from our balm but we do not advocate or promote using it internally. 

Why use Aloe?

Aloe Vera is widely used across the globe and has been for some time. The fantastic plant is packed with reasons to apply it to your skin. The following might illuminate a reason for you.

  • It soothes sunburn.
    • Soothing sunburned skin. Because of its naturally moisturizing, and subsequently healing properties, research has shown Aloe Vera to help with first- and second-degree burns on the skin, although the mechanism in which it does so has yet to be fully understood—probably because it is a combination of factors. 
    • Aloin, a compound found in the aloe plant, has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in the skin-healing process. Aloe is also chock-full of antioxidants, and one antioxidant protein, in particular, called metallothionein that’s been exposed to and damaged by UV rays. The plant is also incredibly hydrating, which could help combat the skin peeling that usually takes effect post-sunburn. 
  • It helps fade dark spots.
    • Dark spots on the skin, also known as hyperpigmentation, can leave their mark for a variety of reasons. A compound called aloesin, found in the Aloe Vera plant, could help lighten things up. According to one study, when applied four times per day for 15 days, aloesin was found to be effective in treating hyperpigmentation. Another study found that the topical application of aloesin can directly inhibit hyperpigmentation from producing more melanin, the pigment that, when overproduced, causes dark spots to form.    
  • It moisturizes skin.
    • “The leaf of the Aloe Vera plant is rich in water, particularly in the innermost layer, so it helps to hydrate the skin and lock in moisture,” explains board-certified dermatologist Marisa Garshick, M.D. “The sugars [it contains], also known as mucopolysaccharides, [also] help to retain moisture in the skin.”
    • Mucopolysaccharides, as found in the aloe plant, help retain moisture in the skin. When applied topically, Aloe Vera has been shown to increase the water content of the outermost layer of skin , making it an ideal ingredient for dry skin types. 
  • It makes a restorative scalp mask.
    • Applying it as a scalp mask can help soothe irritation, exfoliate, replenish hydration, and even strengthen and smooth hair follicles. “It can also be used to keep hair smooth and shiny and also for the scalp to help eliminate dead skin cells,” Garshick says. 
  • It provides healthy aging benefits for skin.
    • In addition to its ability to help replenish and retain moisture in the skin, aloe also stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen and elastin fibers in the skin—all of which are necessary to keep skin hydrated, firm, and supple, and all of which decline naturally with age. Applying aloe vera topically helps restore skin elasticity and decrease the appearance of fine lines. 
  • It can help clear up acne.
    • “There is data to suggest that aloe may have antimicrobial properties and may help acne-prone skin,” says board-certified dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of cosmetic and clinical research, department of dermatology, at Mount Sinai Hospital. “It should not take the place of your traditional acne medications but can be used alongside them.”
    • In addition to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera is also a natural source of salicylic acids, “which can also help with breakouts such as blackheads and whiteheads,” Garshick says. Aloe’s acne-busting powers are backed by science.
  • It soothes psoriasis and eczema.
    • Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis signal general inflammation and a compromised skin barrier—both of which can be helped by Aloe Vera. Additionally, skin with a broken barrier is also more prone to fungal and bacterial infections, and Aloe Vera “can be considered an antiseptic acting against fungi, bacteria, and viruses,” Garshick says. According to the Mayo Clinic, using Aloe Vera cream on psoriasis may also help reduce the scaling, redness, and irritation caused by the disorder. 
  • It treats and prevents dandruff
    • Aloe Vera has been found to be an effective treatment for the scalp irritation, scaliness, and flakiness caused by seborrheic dermatitis.
  • It may help fade stretch marks.
    • Although the exact mechanism is still unknown, aloe’s ability to help fade stretch marks is likely in part due to its skin-restoring and anti-inflammatory properties (promoting the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin). 
  • The bottom line:
    • “Despite the emergence of many new botanical ingredients in skin care, aloe has been used in the skin for centuries and has proven skin benefits,” explain

Aloe Vera is tried and true which is a trend among our ingredients you will find quite often. 

Why use Shea Butter?

Shea Butter use dates back to the Egyptians. Another long time friend of the skin. These benefits are why we choose to include it in our Buzzed Bee Balm.

  • Shea Butter Is An Excellent Moisturizer For The Skin
    • Shea butter works as a skin-conditioning agent. So, if you are someone who has skin that’s dull and dry, you can incorporate shea butter into your skincare routine.
    • Of its many qualities, shea butter possesses the ability to form a protective layer on the skin and retain water. This ensures your skin remains hydrated and moisturized.
  • Shea Butter Is Suitable For Sensitive Skin
  • Shea Butter Soothes The Skin
    • As shea butter is packed with ingredients like vitamins A and E, it’s useful to treat sensitive and irritated skin. Whenever you have sunburns, dry patches, windburns, abrasions, or even when a baby has a diaper rash, smother the area with shea butter and let it work its magic. In a few days, your skin will feel renewed.
  • Shea Butter Eases Inflammation
    • If you’re looking for quick relief from skin-related issues like psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema, make shea butter your go-to product. Shea butter’s ability to penetrate the skin swiftly along with the presence of an anti-inflammatory agent like cinnamic acid and fatty acids will calm inflammation and give you relief.
    • It’s also known to slow down the production of inflammatory cells that contribute to skin conditions and irritation.
  • Use Shea Butter For Youthful Skin
    • Vitamin A and E not only soothe your skin but also gives you healthier, younger-looking skin. Shea butter’s ability to promote cell regeneration helps decrease wrinkles and fine lines. Its collagen-boosting properties will provide you with plump looking skin.
  • A Smoothening Cream For Frizzy Hair
    • Whenever you feel your hair is dry or unmanageable, touch up the problem spots with shea butter. Alternatively, you can comb it through your hair and leave it on for an hour before shampooing.
  • Helps with:
    • A rash
    • Dry skin
    • Peeling after exposure to the sun
    • Itching
    • Wrinkles and blemishes
    • Sunburn
    • Cracks on the skin
    • Minor wounds
    • Rough skin
    • Insect bites
    • Stretch marks
    • Allergic reactions
    • Heat damage
    • Dermatitis
    • Eczema
    • Irritation and bumps due to a razor
    • Damage due to cold weather

By adding Shea Butter we assure a smooth texture along with quality results that span across many lines of topical issues. 

Why use Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa Butter has been around since the dawn of time. Even before 1000 BC humans have used this wonderful ingredient to nourish and sustain health. 

  • Great source of antioxidants
    • Cocoa butter is very rich in antioxidants which destroy free radicals and protect the skin against signs of aging and the harmful effects of the environment. Cocoa butter can be used in the form of a lotion, cream or oil, depending on your preferences.
  • Your lips will be soft and full
    • If you want to soften chapped lips, you should definitely take advantage of benefits cocoa butter has on skin. Sometimes windy or sunny weather can dry our lips. Regular use of quality lip products from cocoa butter will ensure that your lips always stay soft.
  • Recovers skin
    • Cocoa butter is one of the substances that are the best in supplying the skin with nutrients. Try to use cocoa butter regularly. Soon you will notice improvements.
  • Soothes sensitive skin
    • Cocoa butter is a salvation for people with sensitive skin. Products with cocoa butter protect the skin from the heat and treat conditions such as eczema. The cream made of cocoa butter helps your skin stay soft.
  • Comfortable shaving
    • Benefits of cocoa butter on skin can be applied on shaving too. Cocoa butter makes it much easier to shave. You can use only cocoa butter for shaving or mix it with shaving lotion. With cocoa butter shaving is comfortable, and the skin is incredibly soft after.
  • Say goodbye to scars
    • Cocoa butter has healing properties due to the presence of antioxidants that treat scars, stretch marks, and scratches. All you have to do is use it regularly to speed up the process of skin regeneration. If you have acne scars, cuts and similar, do not panic. Use cocoa butter regularly and you will notice how the scars become less noticeable or they even disappear.
  • Benefits of cocoa butter for hair
    • Cocoa butter can help your hair be more obedient, strong and moist. You can use it if your hair is healthy too, just to add volume.
  • Cocoa butter is great for sunbathing
    • It has SPF around 4, so it will protect from the sun but don’t overdo your sunbathing. Primarily due to vitamin E and very important antioxidants this ingredient can keep your skin safe from damage. 

Just as we do with all our ingredients we strive to use only unrefined options to maintain the highest level of properties associated with the ingredients.