Relief in many forms

“I have used the Buzzed Bee balm for years and it has never disappointed! It’s such a great alternative to pain medication or other forms of medication. My dad used to take medication for his arthritis but has switched to the Buzzed Bee balm. Every morning he rubs the balm on his shoulders and knees and no longer uses arthritis medication. He swears by it and makes sure to never run out! I have stress points in my back. Ibuprofen didn’t help, rubbing the knots out didn’t help but the Buzzed Bee balm totally takes the pain away. I’ve shared my Buzzed Bee balm with people in my office who complain about back pain, knee pain, and foot pain and I can honestly say I’ve never shared this balm with anyone who was less than amazed. 3 people from my office ended up purchasing the balm because they were so amazed at how effective the balm is for pain. It smells amazing too! I can’t say enough good things about the Buzzed Bee products. They’re absolutely top notch! Better than anything you can find in the stores or online!” 

– Liz VanHorn –

This Stuff is Amazing

I’ve used CBD creams and other like products for my stiff joints before but I’ve never had the results that I have with this balm. I’ve put it on my bad knee as well as my sore neck muscles after spending two days working under my fifth wheel . I just can’t say enough about the quality of this product to alleviate soreness. I originally got this to help with occasional cold sores I get and will repost another review when I have a flare up but I’ve heard from other users that it’s wonderful at stopping them when you feel that tingling on your lip. Thank you thank you for making this ! Being from Washington State I’ve tried several other CBD type products but this product is superior!

MM . Tacoma Washington.

Excellent Service

Hi there,

My name is Austin and I am an Xfinity technician who did some work for you folks sometime last year, and at the time I had complained about pain caused by dislocating my shoulder earlier that year. You gave me a jar of your balm and it helped get through the shoulder pain until it was fully healed on its own.

Fortunately I haven’t had to use it In a while but recently I have started having pretty gnarly pain in my right knee, and my right wrist for two unrelated reasons.
I’m sure you can imagine how pain in those areas affects my ability to perform certain tasks with my job and work at home, not to mention my ability to play the drums comfortably.
But your product continues to work wonders.
I really, truly appreciate your craft and I just had to let you all know I think highly of you.

Thank you!

Lip Saving Product

I have always had a driving force pushing me toward sustainable, reliable, effective alternatives to the medical industrial complex. After using Buzzed Bee Balm, I realized that this product was the real deal. I have several different places that cause me pain daily from my combat injuries, and that’s why I started using Buzzed Bee Balm. I found it to be a great alternative to NSAIDs that were giving me stomach and intestinal issues from my constant use over time. The real surprise was when I used Buzzed Bee Balm to help with my cold sores. I typically would use Abreva, but that just didn’t seem to really work well at all. I would still have this big cauliflower sore that would scab up and be painful for a few weeks before it went away. With Buzzed Bee Balm, as soon as I feel the cold sore starting I apply it like lip balm several times a day and it stops it right in its tracks. Now I use it daily for lip balm, and I haven’t had any cold sores since. I know its just anecdotal but it’s working for me and that’s all that matters

D.B. Houston, TX

ACL Repair

I would love to share my testimony and thoughts about the balm I received from Julie! 

I love the buzzed bee balm for several reasons! The consistency and feel of it is like silk on your body! It also smells good. A lot of CBD balms can have a super strong odor which isn’t relaxing and can give me more of a headache than anything. Buzzed bee is the complete opposite smells and feels amazing! I am currently using it on my knee post ACL surgery to help with pain and to help heal my scar. Plus I love how this product comes from a small business that loves what they do and truly wants to help people! When your taking the time to make the product yourself and putting your energy into it to serve others that’s genuine love and compassion! Thank you Buzzed Bee !!!


Kelsie Perkins 

Massage Therapist Advocates

My name is Matt and my wife and I are both massage therapists and holistic healthcare advocates. It’s difficult to find an infused product that has it all. Aromatherapuetic effect, smooth application, slow absorption for lasting usability, and a non-oily finish. Buzzed Bee Balm has it all and I was hooked after the first use. I know all the

ingredients are responsibly sourced, so I get that automatic peace of mind.  The fantastic aroma and softening effect are shared by both therapist and client so it makes working with and all around pleasant experience.  I recommend this balm to massage therapists, cannabis/hemp advocates, and anyone looking for a quality CBD product.


Matt Petersen

Tennis Elbow Go Away

Hey there! I have been using Buzzed Balm pretty consistently over the last few days, along with some other therapeutic excercises, on my “tennis elbow”. The main issues I have been having is with gripping (opening a jar), lifting (coffee cup to mouth), and extending arm straight/bending arm completely. Therapeutic exercises have been massage tendons and movement. Where I notice the Buzzed Balm helping is that it seems to take the edge off the sharpness of pain that reduces my strength and range of motion. After about 30 minutes I notice increased ability to grip, lift, and extend/bend. I use it about 3x a day morning, afternoon, and before bed. Started Tuesday afternoon and really starting being able to identify its effects yesterday (Thursday) after I put a new application on. Thanks so much for this. When I run out, what is the going rate for the size you sent me?


Will Powell

Office Space

Buzzed Bee Balm is the best! With my occupation, I sit at a desk all day in front of the computer and my neck and shoulders get tight. I used to constantly take over-the-counter anti-inflammatories and worried what it was doing to my stomach. Well, no more! Now I use Buzzed Bee Balm and it takes my pain and stiffness away. The texture and smells are amazing, but most importantly, it works. Thank you!

Crystal Schaff

The Ingredients of Legend

Buzzed Bee Bomb is the bees knees for a variety of uses in my household, I use it for everything from sore muscles and aches, cuts and burns, dry skin and even scars or scabs. Recently I was very surprised to discover it also works on hives and shingles outbreaks in particular,  I rarely break out but when I realized that I was having a flare up on my shoulder and my skin became red, itchy, with a painful burning tingle that I decided to apply Buzzed Bee Balm on the sensitive area.  Within a half hour of applying the balm my discomfort had subsided and my skin felt less irritated and more relieved.  After applying this twice a day for the following three days the shingles had dried out and my skin began healing rapidly.  I’ve personally never experienced anything work this fast without needing a prescription.  The ingredients in this product have reshaped how I look at the products I typically used before and I’m so thrilled to have access to this brilliant product in my home.–


Kristopher Cox

Low Back Assist

I have deteriation of disk in my lower back. Plaqued me for years. Surgery is not an option at this time. I have to keep working. I operate saws and need my faculties about me. Since I’ve started the BuzzedBee Balm products I’ve completely stopped taking all anti-inflamatories and am able to work.

With much gratitude

Rick L. Parkland,Wa

Consistent use improves results

I am a senior citizen that works much of the time. My shoulders and knees hurt most of the time. I received a container of Buzzed Bee coconut balm and tried it. After the first application at night, the following day, it felt somewhat better; not as much pain. However, after applying it every day, I felt less discomfort. I have now used it for a week and am very happy with the results. This product works and smells great also. I will continue to use this fine product.

Michael Ankrom

Love Ingredients

Not only are the ingredients at Buzzed Bee pure and awesome,  but I can sense the commitment to health and making the world a better place in each product!  Is it possible to mix in love ? Maybe, but I can say for sure the cbd infused honey in a cup of tea helped me sleep and calm down after the death of my husband. Anytime I am anxious or my head won’t quiet down at night, a cup of this magic will do the trick.  Thanks Buzzed Bee for caring about the planet, bees and all of us.

Relief from aches and pains

I have been getting massages twice a month for years. I have a very physically demanding job, and even after a massage, I am usually sore. I asked my massage therapist to incorporate the Buzzed Bee Balm in to my last massage with the usual coconut oil. It’s honestly the first time I can remember getting up from a massage and not being the least bit sore. I also like that the smell is very pleasant. My therapist will definitely be using the balm for all my massages, and suggested she look at it for her other clients as well. Thank you so much for a great product!

Martin M.

Mother's Helping Hand

I began using Buzzed Bee Balm after my son was born in December of 2020, I have some major shoulder and wrist pain that wasn’t going away on it’s own. Once I began using the balm I noticed pretty quickly that my wrist was feeling better and was able to use it more than before with less aches and pains. Not only is the product great but it smells amazing! Would reccomend 10/10 ?

Ally H. 

All Natural Ingredients


  1. Full Spectrum CBD
  2. Olive Oil
  3. Coconut Oil
  4. Raw Beeswax (trace amounts of Propolis and Pollen)
  5. Raw Honey (trace amounts of Propolis and Pollen)
  6. Aloe Vera
  7. Shea Butter
  8. Cocoa Butter
  9. Comfrey
  10. Arnica
Buzzed Bee CBD Balm HP#

Core Values and Mission

  • Affordable Prices
  • Sustainability
  • Quality Time Tested Ingredients Used to Provide a Quality Product with Reliability
  • % of Proceeds go to “Save the Bees” Through Other Charities
  • Partnership with Synergistic Companies with Opportunities to Grow Together and Improve Each Other.

We Win Together


Excellent Source of Anti-Inflammatory Properties
Relieves Arthritis
Effective for Bruises
Analgesic Abilities
Treats Skin Disorders
Natural Remedy to Rashes
Acts as Skin Moisturizer
Treats Frost Bites
Natural Treatment for Stretch Mark
Promotes Healthy Hair
Eliminates Dandruff
Solution to Post-Partum Bleeding
Treatment for Stress and Depression


Skin Care
Improves Respiratory Health
Anticancer Potential
Better Bone Growth
Boosts Immune System
Anti-inflammatory Activity
Reduces Pain
Heals Wounds


Antioxidant and Antibacterial Properties
Accelerates the Healing of Burns
Helps Treat Canker Sores
Improves Skin and Prevents Wrinkles
Detoxifying Properties
Treats Wounds
Improves Skin Health
Acts as an Anti-inflammatory

Raw Honey

Good Source of Antioxidants
Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties
Heals Wounds
Phytonutrient Powerhouse

Raw Bees Wax

Excellent Rejuvenating Agent
Rids Facial Black Spots on the Skin and Reduces Acne
Helps to Improve Blood Circulation in Skin Cells
Reduces Inflammation
Removes Toxins from the Skin
Relieves Itching
Reduces Stretch Marks
Locks in the Skin’s Hydration
Treats Eczema
Gives a Soft and Supple Lip Feel
Heals Skin
Softens Skin
Fights Bacteria, Virus and Fungus
Beard And Mustache Wax
Soothes Irritations


Heals Wounds
Anti-Inflammatory Activities
Stimulates Circulation
Boosts Immunity
Antioxidant Powers
Reduces Allergies
Improves Cognitive Abilities
Hair and Skin Care Benefits

Bee Pollen

Reduces Inflammation
Acts as an Antioxidant
Boosts the Immune System
Promotes Healing

Shea Butter

Moisturizes Skin
Reduces Inflammation
Smoothes Skin

Cocoa Butter

Promotes Skin Health
Natural Remedy for Scars
Natural Ingredients Improve Stretch Marks
Minor Burns
Helps Soften Dry and Chapped Lips
Calms Frizzy, Dry Hair

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

Localized Pain Management
Skin Irritation & Itching
Psoriasis Relief
Reduces Inflammation
Helps With Arthritis
Heals Burns Faster
Fights Bacterial Skin Infections
Menstrual Pain Relief
Cancer Fighting Agent

* Trace amounts of THC. Less than 0.3%. Will not show up on a drug test or get you high.


Agape is a love of all things and people, and at Buzzed Bee the not-so secret ingredient of Love goes into every product we sell.

10% of all proceeds are donated to Veteran and Honeybee related Non-profits

Growing Veterans
Hives for Heroes Link